Saturday | December 9 | 1 - 4 pm


with Jacqueline

In this three hour workshop we will draw on the combined wisdom of Kundalini Yoga technology, Qi Gong practices, Five Element acupuncture theory, and psychotherapeutic practices to:

• Greet Fear with the spirit of curiosity and gentle awareness.

• Transform Fear by acknowledging its true purpose, and drawing it out of the shadows.

• Release Fear from the body, calm the mind, and create the space for love to rush in.

• This workshop is a deeply embodied experience. Come prepared to breathe, move, dance, chant and meditate.

Cost: $50 early bird $60 the day of Add GST to all prices

Teacher Bio: 

Jacqueline is a KRI certified Kundalini Yoga teacher, a life-long learner, mother,   therapist and a friend.  Her approach is holistic in nature and weaves together her life experience with her training in body centred practices, clinical counselling, coaching and Five Element acupuncture.  Jacqueline’s heart-centred presence serves as a gentle invitation to step into life fully, to feel completely and to awaken to the beauty that is inherent in every one of us.