humanology 101 | series

The Science of how to live the life of a balanced human in an unbalanced world!

with bir kaur

2018 has been a year of exposing and shedding light on how painfully out of balance the polarity of the masculine and the feminine has become. Many people are in a state of frozen pain and confusion trying to find the way forward together. In this series we will explore Yogic understanding of polarity by using the tools and technology of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation. We will go beyond the politics of the intellect to find how each individual can bring about balance and harmony within themselves and all of their relationships. 

Week 1: Mon. Oct 22, 5:30pm   Shiva and Shakti: 
The realm of polarity. In the beginning there was one, then the one became two; Now what?

Week 2: Mon. Oct 29,  5:30pm  The Divine Feminine: 
Exploring the nature of the realm of the Divine Feminine - in all her aspects.

Week 3: Mon. Nov 5,  5:30pm    The Sacred Masculine: 
The Return of the King; how to embrace the sacred masculine in the face of Patriarchy.

Week 4: Mon. Nov 12,  5:30pm   Merger, unity, balance: 
Healing and wholeness.