Expand Your Intuition 

May 13th, 2017
Saturday, 2pm to 4:30pm

$25.00 early bird

$30.00 day of

Description of course / workshop/concert:

Gain access to your inner wisdom and creativity, gain clarity around your purpose and direction in life. In our lives, we often doubt if we are going in the right direction. With the information overload of today's society and your mind's constant chatter, it is hard to focus on insight, direction and clarity. Stop being indecisive, feeling worried and held hostage by fear. Intuition is a natural skill that you can reawaken and train. Expand your inner guidance and let your intuition work for you.

What participants will take away from this workshop:

- Learn why Intuition as a resource is so important
- Learn the characteristics of Intuition
- Practice and learn tools to connect with your Intuition
- Learn to be able to Intuition in your life and work
- Expand trust in yourself and in the universal wisdom
- Connect with the stillness within and learn to listen

Teacher Bio:

Dev Atma Kaur (Fenneke) is a certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher, teaching at Yoga West since 2014. She loves sharing these teachings with people to allow them to step into their beautiful potential. She is committed to deepen and expand her own Kundalini Yoga practice and personal development. Dev Atma Kaur has Dutch origins and has been living in Africa prior to moving to Vancouver. She is a professional life coach, marine biologist, wife and mother of two wonderful children. Dev Atma Kaur is passionate about connecting people to their purpose in life.

Email: fenneke@salacia.life