saturday | March 30 | 12:30-4:00 pm

Sat Nam Rasayan®


With Sat Nam Rasayan® forms and shapes it’s possible to open up flow where there was once a blockage. Sometimes in our relationships we square off against one another. By diagonally slicing through, creating two triangles, in the SNR® space, give and take, ebb and flow can be restored. How we approach a person can be intimidating if it’s a straight line, whereas a circular approach is more gentle. In this workshop we’ll see how shapes affect us and apply that to healing our relationships.

Cost: $45 advanced  | $55 at the door (plus GST)

A limited number of private Sat Nam Rasayan® healing treatments & Family Constellation Sessions are available - 45 minutes for $150 (before and after the workshop & Sunday 31st and Monday 1st). Coordinate with Nirmal Kaur  email:

Teacher Bio: 

Hargopal Kaur studied yoga and meditation with Yogi Bhajan since the 70’s and Sat Nam Rasayan© (SNR®) for over 25 years. She was chosen by Guru Dev Singh as one of a select number of people to travel and teach SNR®. Hargopal has a private healing practice and is also a facilitator of family constellations.