40 Day kundalini yoga Challenge

Starts Thursday, September 1st 2019

Be a part of the creative springtime unfolding!

As we enter the Fall of 2019 let us all experience a rebirth of our collective pool of intelligence and consciousness that springtime always brings, Yoga West is calling on all members of our Kundalini Yoga Community to come together in a 40 Day Kundalini Yoga Challenge. It is an opportunity to cleanse and purify the sub-conscious mind, let go of the past and step forward into the Fall of 2019.

Yoga West teachers will be presenting specialty classes or series in their regular class times to make the 40 Day Challenge even more exciting. 

These specialty classes will be included in the 40 Day Challenge.

Special Price — $108 + tax  (Included with unlimited membership pass)

Students who complete ALL 40 days will be entered into our lucky draw to win a Free  one month unlimited pass or a Free one week unlimited pass.