Saturday, September 30th, 12:30 - 4pm

Become Unstuck & Connect with Life’s Flow

Sat Nam Rasayan® Workshop with HARGOPAL KAUR

“Whenever your thoughts shall not be released and they get stuck, you will find yourself mentally sick to the point that you will be just like a broken record.”  – Yogi Bhajan

Sometimes we get stuck. Whether it is on a mental level, running through the same limiting thoughts, the physical level holding on to pain and discomfort, or the spiritual level staying contracted, small.  And yet everything changes! We know that. And we still resist and don’t totally embrace the flow of our life. With Sat Nam Rasayan® we can cut through bonds that bind us to what isn’t working. Sometimes we’re so used to the old way of being that we’re not aware of being stuck, or of how or why we’re stuck. With SNR®, we sense what is going on and dissolve those old patterns, becoming more open, flexible, and fluid. Then there is more space in life for life!

Private Sat Nam Rasayan®  healing treatments and Family Constellation Sessions,  45 minutes for $150

On Sunday, October 1st and Monday, October 2nd. Please coordinate with Nirmal Kaur


$45 advanced
$55 at the door
(add GST to all prices)

Teacher Bio: 

Hargopal Kaur studied yoga and meditation with Yogi Bhajan since the 70’s and Sat Nam Rasayan© (SNR®) for over 25 years. She was chosen by Guru Dev Singh as one of a select number of people to travel and teach SNR®. Hargopal has a private healing practice and is also a facilitator of family constellations.