Saturday | January 19| 1-4pm


Let go of your Fears & Rise Up into Love

We are mostly guided by misery and fear. Let me say one thing: In your life, as you are, it doesn’t matter who you belong to, what philosophy you have, what you want to say, or what you want to feel—you are always afraid that you’ll be lonely, you’ll be rejected, you’ll be unloved, you’ll be poor, you won’t have meals tomorrow. Nobody acts out of love.- YB 

As long as you act out of fear, you have to compromise. Fear makes your range become short term. Your thinking becomes short term, your concept becomes narrow, you become a bootstrapper. You just want to survive, and that means survival now, which makes every human stupid, period.

Through the practice of these profound kriyas, may can drop your Fears and experience a deep sense of renewed Love. 

Join us, be reborn to your truest and highest self - let go of the Fear, and clear the way for Love in our lives.

Cost: $25 advanced + tax | $30 day of + tax

Teachers' Bio

HARI SINGH KHALSA is the manager of Yoga West, Vancouver.  A Professional Trainer Level Two & Three Practitioner in the Aquarian Academy. As one of  Yogi Bhajan’s early students, he has been studying and spreading the teachings of Kundalini Yoga for over 45 years. He has enjoyed a successful life long career in sound creation and production as a musician,  Juno award winning, engineer and music producer.

NIRMAL KAUR KHALSA is a Professional Trainer Level Two & Three Practitioner in the Aquarian Academy. Practicing Kundalini Yoga for ten years, she brings experience to the Team through dedicated practice. She is a Certified Level Three Sat Nam Rasayan practitioner. She has a great love for these teachings and shares them with great joy.