Join the 3HO Men's Camp Team

3HO Men's Camp takes place each year thanks to efforts of a dedicated group of men with a commitment to making a contribution to other men and the world. Joining the 3HO Men's Camp team provides a great opportunity to develop your leadership abilities.

If you're interested in supporting the camp in 2018, please take a moment to complete the following form.

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You can be involved in more than one area of the camp. For now, select the area where you're most motivated to serve.
You're welcome to apply regardless of how much experience you have. Men with less experience will be paired up with a more senior mentor, where possible.
Briefly, summarize why you feel called to be a member of the team (e.g. I'm motivated to see 3HO Men's Camp grow, I like the idea of working with a team of conscious men, I see the opportunity to develop myself further so that I can better serve the world).
The skills you learn from being a member of the 3HO Men's Camp Team can be applied in other areas of life and can make a great addition to your resume.