Camp Raj Yog, located near Halfmoon Bay on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia, Canada, is the beautiful sacred land of the Raj Yog Nivas community. Originally part of an area inhabited by the Shishalh people of the Coast Salish First Nations, the 10-acre property that is now Camp Raj Yog, was purchased with the help of sponsors and donations. 3HO Canada was able to receive enough seed money to purchase the land. We are so grateful to be the caretakers of this sacred land of the Shishalh people to make it the perfect space for Camp Raj Yog. The camp now has running water, showers, electricity, large tent platforms, a huge Teaching Tent and is home to our Khalsa Mens' Camp, Khalsa Ladies' Camp and Teacher Training Retreats.

Serving Humanity on Sacred Land

Camp Raj Yog is an extension of both the 3HO foundation and the Sikh community. All those involved in its creation are committed to creating peace in the world through sharing the technology, lifestyle and values of Kundalini Yoga and Sikh Dharma. It is our belief that peace starts within. As each one of us embraces the divine within, we can learn to see and to serve the light in each other, and bring peace into the world. It is our prayer that this sacred land will offer a haven for all who come to experience their divinity, infinity and grace; that it will serve humanity for many generations to come.

The purpose of life is to realize you within you: the truth in you, the light in you, the delightfulness of God in you. That is your soul" ~ Yogi Bhajan

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