Sunday | March 10 | 5-8pm

Use The Breath of Life to Heal

The longing of the spirit, the longing of the mind, and the longing of the body are three hungers within you. They cannot go away. The body will need its nourishment, its enrichment; the mind will need its nourishment, its enrichment; and the soul will need its enrichment and nourishment. - Yogi Bhajan

Breathe consciously, and heal yourself. Do it right. It will change everything. Let the breath of life repair your system.
You should have been taught these things when you were children. I think this should be the first class when you go to school.
We are concerned with your five tattvas (elements) and your two brain hemispheres, left and right. You are a product of ether, air, fire, water, and earth. You have five tattvas, and you have seven chakras; the eighth chakra is the shield, and in that shield the most important is the Arcline. A female and male have no difference in Arcline as far as the earlobe to earlobe is concerned, the halo; but the female also has an Arcline at the breast that the male doesn’t have. That’s the only difference that I can see between a man and a woman, until I change the focus of my eyes; otherwise, you all look alike. And although people can lie, the aura will never lie. But this also has a responsibility with it: use it to help—not to bug, but to hug. Understand the depth.

Cost: $30 advanced + tax | $35 day of + tax

Teachers' Bio

HARI SINGH KHALSA is the manager of Yoga West, Vancouver.  A Professional Trainer Level Two & Three Practitioner in the Aquarian Academy. As one of  Yogi Bhajan’s early students, he has been studying and spreading the teachings of Kundalini Yoga for over 45 years. He has enjoyed a successful life long career in sound creation and production as a musician,  Juno award winning, engineer and music producer.

NIRMAL KAUR KHALSA is a Professional Trainer Level Two & Three Practitioner in the Aquarian Academy. Practicing Kundalini Yoga for ten years, she brings experience to the Team through dedicated practice. She is a Certified Level Three Sat Nam Rasayan practitioner. She has a great love for these teachings and shares them with great joy.