Discovering Sat nam Rassayan

I dropped into Yoga West for the full moon meditation last week, and ended up getting a double bill of amazingness! After the full moon meditation I was talking to a teacher. Over his shoulder I saw through the window of the Gurdwara, the sacred room where the holy text is kept, and Nirmal, a teacher trainer on the teacher training course was in there with a few other people. I inquired about the event and loved the answer… It was a class teaching healing, where you practice healing and receive a healing, and I could join! I was all over it, it sounded like my kind of thing!

In this ‘Sat Nam Rassayan’ class I learned profoundly about the importance of aiming in every moment for Shuniya – a still point, a state of zero where the ego is brought to complete stillness.  I learned that being in relationship with others from this place means that I get to communicate with the souls of others, rather than their ego’s, from my ego. I had previously read David Hawkin’s book, Power Versus Force, and this book came to mind. Hawkins writes about his experience of curing incurable illnesses, curing catatonic patients, bringing people out of coma’s - all from communicating directly with the soul. He writes that one day he found he was able to see the soul in his patients, which is always in good health, and says that only the ego is ever suffering and ill. He said that he would simply remind the soul who they really are, the soul, not the ego, and then the sickness of the ego – who they imagined themselves to be, would leave. A new ward in New York was opened up just for his patients, because he was rapidly curing so many people at one time. This was before he chose to try and heal more people en masse, rather than ‘a cup of rice at a time’, as he put it, by going into seclusion to research and write.

These following particular aspects of the teachings of the Sat Nam Rassayan class were hugely impactful for me this week; To keep focusing on the five senses within our bodies while in relationship to others, and while in our relationship to our environment, to anything really. Not listening to the mind talking, and to just listen to the five senses alone for information. Keeping shuniya the whole time, coming back to a still point over and over, making sure I am in constant remembrance of my intention to be in shuniya . Being in relationship with others, with all around me, simply by intention, by making the connection, and then letting go. Letting go of any knowledge or ideas I have about another person, of everything around me, so that I can connect with their soul, with the soul of everything.

I took this teaching with me throughout the week, and it brought me such peace. Which after the rebirthing classes at Yoga West, I have been going to, which really shakes things up, was a welcome relief. I experienced some very intense effects of the rebirthing catharsis.. The clearing of so much emotional and psychological blockage. I had two days of incredible close to unbearable anxiety, and then the gift that followed of a day of sobbing and sobbing, which was the best kind of crying. I released a massive anxiety blockage from within, and then a deeper level of peace ensued.

A few times this week when I felt in emotional pain, I visualized myself lying down in front of myself, and practiced the healing techniques of Sat Nam Rassayan. The rewards were instant and beautiful. I also saw a powerful and instant effect on a flu immersed child I was babysitting. I also took this teaching to a community yoga class I taught, and I felt the dimension that I really wanted to reach as a teacher, which had felt not too near, was now suddenly right there for me - at least for this class.  I kept focusing on shuniya and being in relationship with the souls of the students in the way I was taught to be in the Sat Nam Rassayan class. I was teaching the class as a healer. It was so peaceful for all of us in that room. One student said afterwards that she had kept trying yoga, but had not had an experience that suited her yet, and this was the first class she had enjoyed. I have heard many yoga teachers advise students to just keep going to different classes, because if one teacher isn’t for you someone else will be eventually. I wondered if as teachers we all have a lot more opportunity to be what all the students need, by continually increasing our ability to communicate directly with the souls and to bypass any ego communication, consistently. I guess this is very likely what many advanced, long time yoga teachers are doing. I felt like I’d stumbled across a trade secret ☺

It is funny how not simple and not easy it is, even armed with some great teachings and tools, and a real desire to be our true and highest self, how challenging it is to not get caught up in ego stories and defense, judgment of others and self, struggles. Ignorance runs so deep, so it feels at times. The following week I taught the same class, and I wanted so much to make that magical connection I had the week before – but it was a different day, a different me, a different week. I couldn’t get to that same incredible place.  Sometimes for everyone in any profession I would imagine, you’re just not in the zone, but you can’t get caught up and worried about it. You have to just take care of business and do your best. So I did, and the class was appreciated, it was a decent offering. Some days it’s like we get to touch magic so clearly and beautifully, and other days we don’t as obviously. I think one of the most powerful teachings I’ve come across in my life is acceptance of what is…

By Maya Lee