January 5, 2019 | Saturday Morning 6-6:30 am

50th 3ho Anniversary

Join us for a SIMPLE TRIBUTE COMMEMORATING THE 50th Anniversary of 3HO

January 5, 2019 | Saturday Morning 6-6:30 am | at Yoga West

We will be joining in as part of the 24-hour 3HO Global Anniversary Meditation

On the official anniversary of 3HO, when Yogi Bhajan gave his first class, we will be doing a 24-hour worldwide meditation. The meditation will be passed from hour to hour, covering the entire globe over the course of 24 hours. Starting with UTC/GMT +13 (New Zealand) and ending in UTC/GMT -10 (Hawaii), with each time zone meditating for 11 minutes. 

How to Participate - Visit 3HO50.org

Everyone in the world is encouraged to participate in this meditation. 

If you do not have a community near you or would like to meditate on your own, we invite you to tune in to our global community through the live stream on our Facebook page. We will be broadcasting throughout the day, starting at 6:00 PM UTC on January 4th, and ending at 6:00 PM UTC on January 5th. 

Check our Livestreams page for the full schedule

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