Simone has be teaching and practicing Kundalini yoga for over 15 years (and
offering Sunday's popular 8am class with her mom, Colette, since 2001!). She
is passionate about teaching the practical applications of Kundalini yoga -
e.g., how to integrate KY tools into the busy lives of our Yoga West
students. Her straightforward teaching style highlights the numerous
physical and emotional/mental health benefits of the kriyas while teaching
the mechanicsand modifications for postures in hopes of making class
accessible for everyone. Simone is also a professional Coach and Consultant
with a focus in Mindfulness and its applications in the workplace. She has
worked with some of BC's leading employers to support employee health and
well being.

Her favorite quote from Yogi Bhajan is the 2nd Sutra of the
Aquarian Age, "there is a way through every block."