Dancing is Satya's first love.  She trained in ballet as a youngster very seriously and embodied the full spectrum of the dancing world - the highs and the lows.  At seventeen years old, she realized that dance had to take a step back.  It was killing her.   In her effort to reach prima ballerina status, she neglected to take care of herself.  At nineteen she discovered Kundalini Yoga.  It healed so deeply that she knew it was her destiny to teach others; to help others discover their inner strength.  She took Kundalini yoga teacher training a few years later and has taught ever since.  She has been teaching in Vancouver since 2003.  Kundalini yoga continues to bless her life with immense joy and personal empowerment.  It is her touchstone, her liberator, her deepest love.  Satya sings in a musical group called Shuniya whose 'soul' purpose is to uplift and heal through the power of sacred sound.  She brings this experience and profound love to her classes.