SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 26th, 1-4pm

Life - death - all is breath

with Asha Jagdeesh Jap Prem & JaiPreet

It has been said that all yoga is preparation for the moment of death, that time when the physical body breathes its last breath. In this moment, the soul is given a choice to move into oneness or continue on in the physical realm. Yogi Bhajan referred to this time as “choosing the cold path”. He said the soul would have to choose between two roads, one cold and unfamiliar, one warm and cozy. To escape the wheel of karma is the goal of each soul, and so the moment of death is incredibly important. The moment you reject death, you automatically reject life itself. In the act of dying, the projected frequency of your last breath establishes your relationship with the Infinite. They both exist inseparable together... Life - Death - All is Breath ! This workshop will guide you through Kriya & Meditations that Yogi Bhajan taught to prepare our soul to take the right steps in the moments after we pass.

Let us lift the fears around death and embrace life fully with courage, commitment & love. 

Cost: Early Bird $30  |  $35 on day of  |  plus GST

Teachers Bio: 

Asha Jagdeesh Jap Prem is a dynamic, intuitive, heart-centered artistic teacher bringing magic and hope into people’s lives. A KRI certified Kundalini Yoga teacher, completing both level one and level two trainings. A facilitator of sacred space, sound and play therapist, a teacher and mentor for over ten years.  Asha serves the whole spectrum of Life, starting with prenatal yoga , teaching children , teens , adolescents, seniors, as well as cancer patients during times of transition.  For many years she has organized international women’s festivals in Poland, her motherland - teaching how to serve “the sacred within”

JaiPreet Kaur first met Yogi Bhajan when she was 10 and attended her first Khalsa Ladies Camp when she was 16 on the BC Sunshine Coast. She has been a dedicated student to the teachings for most of her life. Having recently graduated Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Level 1, she brings joy & depth to each class. Jaipreet also serves on the Administration team of Teacher Training, the Gurudwara committee and the Raj Yog Nivas council. She has a deep reverence for the teachings and Seva (selfless service). Jaipreet loves connecting students to the inner joy within themselves. 

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