Sunday | May 27th | 1-4pm



Bu means buddhi ~ intellect   Dhameans ~ one who is above  |  One who is above his intellect is a BUDDHA

Yoga is the Union with Present Moment as the Universe offers you with every breath. Accepting this gift the Whole Universe flows through you and you become the Master. Through Kundalini Yoga as tough by Yogi Bhajan, creative dance, meditation, extended Gong Bath and art of relaxation, this workshop will help you  to be your True Self, a gift for the well being of All.
“Learn to leave your concerns and worries aside” * “Bloom like a Lotus out of the mud of confusion and prejudices” * “Open your heart to Blossom with Compassion, Devotion and Grace” 

Cost: $30 advanced + tax |  $35 day of + tax

Teacher Bio

Asha Jagdeesh Jap Prem is a dynamic, intuitive, heart-centred artistic teacher bringing magic and hope into people’s lives.  A KRI certified Kundalini Yoga teacher, completing both level one and level two trainings. A facilitator of sacred space, sound and play therapist, a teacher and mentor for over ten years.  Asha serves the whole spectrum of Life, starting with prenatal yoga , teaching children, teens, adolescents, seniors, as well as cancer patients during times of transition.  For many years she has organized international women’s festivals in Poland, her motherland - teaching how to serve “the sacred within”.

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