Sunday | June 24 | 1pm - 4:00pm


with Mansi

Worrying about how to achieve your life goals?  Trying to just make things ‘work’? Have to work too hard and sacrifice peace of mind to live the life of your dreams? Sound familiar? Well, thankfully in our Sensory System we have the Radiant Body which brings out our Light, magnetizing success into our life. 

Let’s take an experiential journey together into specific Kundalini Yoga techniques and Meditations to activate our Radiant Body. 

The Radiant Body makes us Courageous and Radiant. You project royalty and grace, both in your actions and your presence. A weak Radiant Body can make you very timid, overly fearful of conflict  and have difficulty with commitment. 

Participants will leave the workshop with knowledge about the Radiant Body and specific meditations for their personal 40 day Radiant Body practice.

Cost: $35 the day of  | $30 early bird

Teacher Bio: 

Mansi is a devoted Kundalini Yogini, a Teacher, Healer, Wife and Loving Mother living a life of Awareness and Grace for over a decade. Mansi brings softness, depth, clarity and love to her classes.  Find out more about Mansi at 

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