awakening to your ten bodies

10 Class Series  with Rama Singh (Tim Stringer)

All classes @ 10am

“If you understand that you are Ten Bodies, and you are aware of those Ten Bodies, and you keep them in balance, the whole Universe will be in balance with you.” ~ Yogi Bhajan  

1 Sept. 15 Soul Body  The spark of the Infinite that resides in the core of your being. It allows you to live from your heart.

 2  Sept. 22 Negative Mind  The aspect of the mind that helps keep you safe by alerting you to pitfalls, dangers, and downfalls.

 3  Sept. 29 Positive Mind  Helps you see the opportunities in each situation, even those that seem unfortunate on the surface.

 4  Oct. 6 Neutral Mind  Allows you to see things as they are, drawing assessments from the positive and negative minds

 5  Oct. 13 Physical Body  Your human form. The physical temple that houses all of your other bodies and carries you through life.

 6  Oct. 27 Arcline  Gives you the ability to project. It’s the nucleus of your aura and is an avenue of intuition.

 7  Nov. 3 Aura  The electromagnetic field that surrounds your body. It acts as a container for your life force energy.

 8  Nov. 17 Pranic Body  Provides you with energy for action and accomplishment.

 9  Nov. 24 Subtle Body  The aspect of yourself that allows you to tap into the subtle qualities of life.

10  Dec. 1  Radiant Body  Gives you spiritual radiance, nobility, and the courage to face your life and all of its challenges.

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Teacher Bio:

Rama Singh (aka Tim Stringer) became a certified Kundalini Yoga teacher in 1999 and has enthusiastically shared these yogic teachings with thousands of students across Canada through the workshops and classes he teaches. He has a playful, but disciplined approach to teaching and frequently reminds his students (and himself) that learning to lighten up is a key step on the road to enlightenment.
Rama has a degree in engineering and spent many years working in the corporate world in engineering and management roles. He is also a professionally-trained life and business coach and the creator of the Holistic Productivity™ methodology. He currently works with people all over the world to support them in living fulfilling and productivity lives, while drawing upon the benefits of modern technologies.

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