with Hargopal Kaur

People hold on to the past, to such an extent that they are not present.

We filter our daily lives through old ways of looking at things. Those old thoughts and habits may have served us in the past. However they now create fear and anxiety. What is going to happen? How does that thought affect you? It doesn’t have to create such stress! We can look at it from the perspective of what wonderful things can happen in your life?

In this SNR® workshop, we will address patterns of thinking, mental habits, obsessive thoughts, and negative ways of viewing the world, ourselves, and our lives. We’re all here visiting Mother Earth. Let’s enjoy the journey.

Early Bird Price: $45
Door: $55
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Private healing appointments with Hargopal Kaur:

Limited number of Private Sat Nam Rasayan Healing Treatments and Family Constellation Sessions available, 45 minutes for $150 (before and after the workshop & Sunday the 2nd) - Please coordinate with Nirmal Kaur at