At the heart of Yoga West is Yogi Bhajan's desire to benefit humankind through the art and science of Kundalini Yoga. Our workshops and special events instill the techniques and the awareness to lead a life with happiness, vitality, prosperity and clarity of mind. They also provide a great opportunity to connect and bond with a community of people on the journey of the self.

It doesn't matter
if you know everything. The question is: do you practice it?
-Yogi Bhajan

upcoming events

Honoring Yogi Bhajan’s Birthday

Wednesday, August 26

Yoga West                ··

Special Morning Sadhana & 5 Aquarian Sutras Yogathon in Honor of Yogi Bhajan’s Birthday

Join us for a full day of festivities in honor of Yogi Bhajan’s Birthday. The day will start at 3am when we will do the Guru Guru Wahe Guru, Guru Ram Das Guru chant- synchronized with Kundalini Yogis all over the planer. Next we will do a short Kundalini Yoga Kriya. At 4 am we will begin 2.5 hrs of Long Chant followed by Gurdwara and breakfast. $10 Yoga Classes on the Yogi Bhajans 5 Aquarian Sutras will fill the days class schedule.

Together we will celebrate the legacy of Kundalini Yoga and 3HO (healthy, happy, holy organization) that Yogi Bhajan brought to the West over 40 years ago!

Morning Sadhana & Birthday Breakfast:

3:00am Guru Ram Das Chant (11 mins)

3:15am Kundalini Yoga Kriya

4:00am Long Chant (2.5 hrs)

6:30 – 8:00am Birthday Breakfast

5 Aquarian Sutras Yogathon:

9:30am First Sutra: Recognize that the other person is you with Hari Singh

12:00pm Second Sutra: There is a way to every block with Sat Kriya Kaur

2:30pm Third Sutra: When the time is on you, start, and the pressure will be off with Ong Kar Kaur

5:30pm Fourth Sutra: Understand through compassion or you will misunderstand the times with Siri Amrit Singh

7:00pm Fifth Sutra: Vibrate the Cosmos, the Cosmos shall clear the path with Mahan Dharma Kaur

All Classes are $10 + tax

LOCATION       Yoga West | 2662 W. 4th Ave. | 604 732 9642

Full Moon Meditation for Women

Friday, August 28th       6:30pm

Yoga West                ··

Meditating together as women at the time of the Full Moon helps us to remember our Sacred Center so that we may carry it forth into our lives and share it with others. Whether or not you have had the special opportunity to attend Khalsa Ladies Camp, this meditation helps us to connect with and vibrate the Divine Space created by all of the women during our beautiful camp throughout the year.

Come, develop your prayerful presence and grace; and, allow your love, radiance, confidence and harmony to flower!

Cost:$10(plus tax).

LOCATION       Yoga West | 2662 W.4th Ave. | 604 732 9642

Kundalini Yoga Foundations

Saturday, May 23, June 13, July 25, August 29

Yoga West                ··

Kundalini Yoga Foundations with Rama Tim

Kundalini Yoga Foundations classes are designed for people who are brand new to Kundalini Yoga.

Kundalini Yoga is sometimes called the “mother of all yogas”. A typical class incorporates postures, movement, breathing techniques, meditation and mantra to support enhanced health, focus and connection to purpose. These introductory classes are designed for people who are experiencing Kundalini Yoga for the first time and for students who want to brush up on the basics. No previous knowledge or experience is assumed, and each class focuses on a specific aspect of Kundalini Yoga.

Tim Stringer (Rama Singh) has been teaching Kundalini Yoga since 1999, is a professionally trained co-active coach and is the founder of Technically Simple. Drawing on his engineering background and years of corporate experience, he supports people all over the world in living healthy, fulfilling and productive lives.


Class 1: The Power of the Breath (Pranayama) COMPLETED

Sat, May 23 | 11:45am – 1pm

Class 2: Nerves of Steel (Nervous System) COMPLETED

Sat, June 13 | 11:45am – 1pm

Class 3: Your Guardians of Health (Endocrine System)COMPLETED

Sat, July 25 | 11:45am – 1pm

Class 4: Beyond Stress: Tapping Into Your Vitality

Sat, August 29 | 11:45am – 1pm

Non-Members: $18 Drop In + tax / or $15 First Time Drop In + tax | Members: use your class package

LOCATION       Yoga West | 2662 W. 4th Ave. | 604 732 9642

Teacher Training Level 1 Info Sessions

Saturday, August 29th       1pm

Have you been thinking about Kundalni Yoga Teacher Training?

Many people feel a call to take Teacher Training, whether it is for your own growth or to develop a new skill as a teacher. Come to this info session with any questions about this profound course and to find out if this is your year!

Next Info Sessions at Yoga West:

Sat. Sep 19, 1 pm, Sat. Oct 3, 1 pm and Sat. Oct 10, 1 pm

Cost: Free

LOCATION       Yoga West | 2662 W. 4th Ave. | 604 732 9642

Kundalini ReBirth: Drop Your Personal Pain

Saturday, August 29th       7-9:30pm

with Mahan Dharma and Nam Hari                 ··

“You are sincerely insincere. You have no relationship with you soul. You’ve never found a friendship with it. Because you stock up a lot of fears, a lot of tears, a lot of doubts and many times you go inside and weep and you cannot even shout, that’s the way you live. That’s what you call civilization. We are all victims of civilization. Fifteen times per minute the breath of life comes and touches us, that’s the gift of God – and we say we do not know God. Without the breath of life, you cannot live.” — Yogi Bhajan

“There is no happiness outside. You can never get it. You have to go inside and pull it out. Happiness is a human birthright. Everybody is born to be happy. We are unhappy because we get short-circuited. We are unhappy because our nervous system cannot take it. We are unhappy because our intuition does not answer us within nine seconds.” ~ Yogi Bhajan

So between the conscious and the unconscious, there is a subconscious. Unconscious is intuition; those little voices which are guiding voices and are the voices of the soul. The subconscious has many facets. He says, “My father has many mansions and my mansion has many rooms. So when it comes to cleaning the house, we must drop the personal pain and purify the subconscious so that we share our light with one another and experience our birthright; to be happy, healthy and holy.

Come and join with us, and touch the depth of who you are. Live from your authentic soul and be happy.


Cost: $25 (adv) | $30 (day of) | $40 (pay for two) Add GST to all prices

LOCATION       Yoga West | 2662 W. 4th Ave. | 604 732 9642

4o Day Yoga Challenge

September 8 to October 17

Yoga West                ··

Be your BEST this Fall

Join our 40 Day Yoga Challenge and Self-Initiate! 40 days of Unlimited Yoga for the price of 30 days! That’s 10 days of FREE yoga to commit to a strong yogic practice & go inside to discover your true inner resources! Strengthen your nervous system, balance the glandular system and experience the power of Kundalini Yoga; the Yoga of Awareness! This 40 day challenge will carry you into the first weekend of Teacher Training at Yoga West, so for those of you taking the course, this is an EXCELLENT kick start to a TRANSFORMATIONAL year to come!

Participants who complete ALL 40 days will be entered into lucky draw to win various prizes

Non-Members: $140 + tax | Members: use your class package

LOCATION       Yoga West | 2662 W. 4th Ave. | 604 732 9642

21 Stages: Third Journey

Sat-Sun, September 12 & 13      9:30am-6:30pm

with Guru Raj Kaur Khalsa                 ··

THE THIRD JOURNEY: The Transcendent Self

My idea to teach you my dear ones is that you may not have to go to Tibet to find a Lama to learn it. My entire intention is that some fortunate ones who are seeking God-consciousness and realization as a human being should be provided this technical know-how. It is not difficult to reach that consciousness and be creative while living in this seen world while relating to the Unseen. There is nothing very special which you have to relate to. The techniques you need are all very simple processes and are in this body and mind. All we have to do is condition this lock and unlock the system for your energy and consciousness. – YOGI BHAJAN

PRESENCE LIKE A BEACON • RADIANCE EVERYWHERE • PRAYERFUL STILLNESS • PREACHER • TEACHER • SAGE • INFINITE PULSE In this Third Journey, we explore the realms of the Transcendent Self, bringing a fulfillment and clarity that is deep and true, beyond the Finite Seft and the burdens of the ego. We tap into our natural state of wisdom, infinite innocence at play, and a presence that observes yet participates in all things with spontaneity and grace. Motto of this Journey: less ego, more bliss. Find out what it really means to have merger with the Infinite Self, and the peace and power that brings.

The Teacher

This course is taught by Guru Raj Kaur Khalsa, Senior Teacher and Trainer at Yoga West. Guru Raj Kaur brought Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan to Vancouver over 40 years ago. Devoted to the purity and authenticity of this body of Teachings, she has been foundational to the development of the KRI Aquarian Teacher Training Academy. An original student of Yogi Bhajan’s, and this years’ KRI Honoree, she shares the Teachings with a warmth, humor, integrity, and radiance that elevates the spirit.


Though all are welcome into this course, it is highly recommended that you have experienced some Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan by attending several classes beforehand. Five are recommended as minimum.

21 Stages of Meditation Book

The book 21 Stages of Meditation contains the meditations that will be covered during the course. It is a beautiful book. It is not included in the course fee, and not necessary to own for successful participation in the program. If you wish to purchase it, Yoga West will be carrying it. Do let the front desk know if you wish to purchase it and we can order more in.



Third Journey discount deadline September 10

Price before discount deadline: $275 | Price after deadline: $300

10% discount for full-time university students and seniors

LOCATION       Yoga West | 2662 W. 4th Ave. | 604 732 9642

Yoga of Detoxification & Vitality

Sunday, September 27th       2-4:30pm

with Mahan Dharma and Natasha M. Vaz                 ··

“Your power is in your mind. Your body is just a vehicle. You are not eating food, you are eating for your health, your vitality, your energy, your prosperity, your strength, your “fateh”—your power to conquer. When you eat food, it is God’s own self.” — Yogi Bhajan

“We detoxify continuously throughout life. We process food, thoughts, and all forms of energy. When that flow is continuous and clear, we are steady and flexible. The trouble is that we accumulate more than we process. We become weighed down under the ash of metabolism and the remnants of old emotions and environmental toxins. The basic properties of a food must be that it should be nutritious sustaining, and balanced. Balanced food is that food which can be digested without drawing on your health. It should not put a strain on the body.” (Yogi Bhajan)

Yoga of Detoxification & Vitality – Cleanse the Body* Purify the Mind will focus on Ayurveda & Yogic Lifestyle integrating Kundalini Yoga practices such as Kriya (asana) & Pranayama (breath control) as well as Meditations and Mantra to Cleanse and Purify the Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Bodies. This cleansing Increases Vitality, Mental Clarity and Overall Optimal Health and Wellness. This workshop will feature Holistic Nutritionist, Natasha Vaz to share extensively on the Physiology of Detoxification as well as answer any questions participants may have about the path to achieving Optimal Health. Join in the group energy and be supported as you Commit to a Healthier Life Full of Energy & Abundant Wellness.

* For those interested in doing a 10 day Nutrient-Dense Transformation program, contact Mahan Dharma @


Cost: $35 (adv) | $40 (day of) | $60 (pay for two) Add GST to all prices

LOCATION       Yoga West | 2662 W. 4th Ave. | 604 732 9642

The Yoga of Play – Children’s Yoga

Monday, October 5, 12, 19, 26

Yoga West                ··

The Yoga of Play – Children’s Yoga with Mahan Dharma Kaur

“Primarily, children learn by example. They are super sensitive beings. Give them the true identity of themselves and you will have angels on the Earth.” — Yogi Bhajan

Children love to play and the younger they are, the more they like to “play” at yoga. We all know that yoga has benefits beyond the physical alone and that if you’re a yoga enthusiast, you’re likely to be in the fittest of both physical and mental health. But how many of us think of the benefits that this ancient eastern art holds for children? In the “Yoga of Play” we will explore movement, breath, sound and meditation to establish a stable foundation for children to balance and express themselves and their energy in healthy and fun ways. This joyful, uplifted energy carries over from the 1 hour class into all aspects of our lives.

Not only can Yoga be playful and fun it also helps children by: Enhancing concentration, increasing flexibility and balance, improving general well-being, boosting confidence, relaxing their minds. (Children are more flexible and agile than adults, so the earlier you get kids started on the yoga matt, the more benefits they gain.)

This course is suitable for kids 5-10 years old!

Classes available for older age groups, please inquire at

Mahan Dharma is a Mother, Yogini, Entrepeneur, Teacher and Leader. For over a decade she travelled the world, experiencing first hand the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle. As a trained Hatha & Kundalini yoga teacher, Mahan Dharma has facilitated and supported numerous classes & workshops on yoga, nutrition & detoxification, as well as facilitated women’s circles & full moon ceremonies. She was the creator of the Golden Aura, an organic eatery and health food distribution company.

Leaving the corporate world in 2014, Mahan Dharma’s focus has come full circle to empowering people to find their own true nature by providing practical & inspirational tools for a healthier, happier and holier life. She is a committed yogini, devoted mother and an authentic expression of the Divine!


Cost: Package of 4 Classes is $48 + GST

LOCATION       Yoga West | 2662 W. 4th Ave. | 604 732 9642

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